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Mark Kelly for Senate Announces Second Wave of Republicans for Kelly

August 22, 2022

Over 40 additional Republicans and Independents announce support for Senator Kelly’s re-election

Today, a group of over 40 Arizona Republican and Independent business owners, elected officials, farmers, veterans, and community leaders announced their endorsement of Senator Mark Kelly’s re-election. The group joins the nearly 50 Republicans and Independents who endorsed Kelly weeks before the August Republican primary – almost doubling the size of the coalition.

In their endorsements, the latest group of Republicans and Independent leaders cited Kelly’s willingness to work with anyone, regardless of political party, to bring good-paying jobs to the state, lower costs, and make Washington work better for Arizona. Mayor John Giles of Mesa, who joined the Republicans for Kelly coalition in July, recently praised Kelly’s work in an ad for the re-election, “Team Arizona.” The Arizona Republic has called the group backing Kelly “a mass crossing of party lines.”

“I’m so grateful for the broad coalition of Arizonans who understand that we can accomplish more for this state if we work together. That’s exactly what I do every day in the Senate, where I focus on putting Arizona first – not any political party. I’m proud of the growing support from Republicans, Independents, and Democrats backing this campaign as we move full speed ahead through the next 78 days,” said Senator Kelly.

Kelly has been repeatedly ranked one of the most bipartisan members of the Senate, proving he is willing to work with anyone to deliver results for Arizona. He spearheaded the bipartisan effort to increase microchip manufacturing in Arizona. The CHIPS Act will create jobs, ease supply chain demands, and help us out-compete and out-innovate our adversaries like China. Kelly also led and shaped the historic bipartisan infrastructure law that is already fixing roads and bridges, investing in Arizona’s water infrastructure, and expanding access to affordable, high-speed internet. And, working with his Republican colleagues, Kelly secured federal resources to help make the process at our southern border more secure, orderly, and humane.

Read what Republicans and Independents across the state had to say in support of Kelly:

Many of us have come to appreciate Mark’s approach to lawmaking. Mark flies himself across the state, speaks to and listens to Arizonans, whether they’re mayors, community leaders, veterans, students, or seniors. And then he brings it all back to Washington to deliver results. Senator Kelly puts his state and its needs at the center of his work, and Arizonans know he has their back. I’m proud to endorse Senator Kelly for reelection – this was an easy decision to make.”

— Paul Hickman President & CEO of Arizona Bankers Association and Former State Director for Sen. John McCain

“I’ve served here for 17 years, so I know that partisan politics has no place in what we do. That’s the reason I really support Senator Kelly in his bid for Congress. He is a gentleman that has time and again fought for us here in Cottonwood, and improved a lot of infrastructure projects that were desperately needed to keep our rural economy going. So it’s an easy choice for me this November,” said Tim Elinski, Mayor of Cottonwood.

“I am proudly endorsing Senator Mark Kelly. He has done a tremendous job for Arizona and he is able to cut through all of the hyperpartisanship back in DC to do wonderful work for our state. Please join me in supporting Senator Kelly this November,” said Heather Carter, former Arizona State Senator (District 15).

“I appreciate Senator Kelly’s attention to rural and agricultural issues. He has done the hard work of regularly meeting with agriculture folks and digging into how he can help solve our pressing problems. Especially in today’s unprecedented political environment, Senator Kelly has earned my vote and my endorsement,” added Paul Brierley, Yuma Community Leader and Rural Advocate.

“I appreciate how Senator Kelly tackles the problems affecting us now, while looking to the future and investing in the Valley’s economy. Best of all, throughout his time in the Senate, Senator Kelly has proven that he’s willing and capable to roll up his sleeves and get things done without the partisan bickering we’ve all become too accustomed to these days. He’s got his head on straight and he’s laser focused on problem solving – and I think we could all benefit from that kind of attitude in this climate. So I’m happy to endorse Senator Kelly for re-election,” said Chip Wilson, Mayor of Apache Junction.

“Arizonans of all political affiliations and backgrounds can count on Senator Kelly to show up for us and bring our voices to the Senate with him. Sadly, too many elected officials in Washington these days resort to partisan bickering that stalls progress. Mark pushes partisanship aside, gets past the typical Washington gridlock, and makes concentrated, earnest efforts to bring about real progress for his state. I’m proud to give Senator Kelly my wholehearted endorsement. I encourage folks on the fence to join me,” said Glendale Councilman Bart Turner.

The full list of the second group of Republicans and Independents for Kelly can be found below: